Basra City:

The city of Basra is the Iraq gate for maritime trade and considered to be the most important city for the Iraqi economy. Located on the Shatt al-Arab, Known for its rich past making it hold prestige and presence within the hearts of Iraqis.

The city is one of the ports from which the fictional Sinbad the Sailor journeyed. The city was built in 636 and has played an important role in Islamic Golden Age. Basra is consistently one of the hottest cities in Iraq.

We offer:

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See & Do:

  • The meeting point of Tigris and Euphrates creating Shatt Al Arab, also in Al Qurna we can see the tree of knowledge – mentioned in the bible.
  • Basra Museum.
  • Maritime science center and the nature museum.
  • Old Basra canals and heritage houses of Al Ashar, it is famous with a unique style called Shanasheel.
  • Markets and Bazaars.
  • Ashari boat tour at Shatt Al Arab.
  • The dates palm trees farms in Abu Al Khasib.
  • Basra railway station.
  • Sunset from the highest building in Basra.
  • Basra Sport city Stadium tour.
  • Churches of Basra tour.
  • Local food / especially Basra famous for its seafood meals.
  • Al Khashaba local music performances.