Ancient City of Borsippa:

Also called Birs Nimrud,  located 17 Kilometers to the south of Babylon. The city has a surviving ziggurat which rises up to a height of 47 meters as one of the most vividly identifiable surviving ones, identified in the later local culture with the Tower of Babel. However, the Sumero-Akkadian builders of the Ziggurat in reality erected it as a religious edifice in honor of the local god Nabu, called the “son” of Babylon’s Marduk, as would be appropriate for Babylon’s lesser sister-city.


Al Kifl:

This site is located next to the Euphrates river. It is the location of Al-Nukhailah Mosque, containing the tomb of Dhul-Kifl who is believed to be the biblical prophet Ezekiel. In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Ezekiel is acknowledged as a Hebrew prophet. The town is a significant Jewish pilgrimage site and major holy place visited by muslims.

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See & Do:

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